Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well... Now what?

School is done. I mean really done. Like I will never have to write another paper again done. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Actually I do. It's awesome! My time at Massart has been amazing, I couldn't ask for better teachers or classmates. Though I'm going to miss the safety of it's halls, I'm totally pumped to be a big kid, excuse, I mean adult. 

Anyway, now that that's out of my system. Here's a lil tid bit of artwork that I created about a year ago. I'm not really great at sewing, but when the need arises, I step up to the challenge. I used to work at a wonderful little art store called Pearl Arts and Crafts, which sadly went out of business this year. HOWEVER, when it was in business it rocked. Well maybe not for the customers, because we hardly had any inventory, but it was great to work there. Especially around Halloween, which is my favorite holiday  B T Dubs. Whoever had the raddest costume won a paid day off. Upon hearing about that most coveted prize, I decided that it would be mine. And so I made... Fozzy. 

This costume was hilarious to walk around town in, people would run up to me and give me hugs, and it was great walking into random stores and walking around, not saying a word. Sigh. 
So enough of my nostalgia. No 2-d artwork today kiddos, but I hope you like checking out my very first costume I made. :) Maybe I'll wear it to graduation and just substitute the mortar board instead of his fedora? Thoughts?

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