Friday, April 30, 2010

Cat Butts

In my Children's Literature class, my teacher read us a book called  "Millions of Cats", and the image above popped into my head. It was like a sudden glimpse into my future. And now, because Degree Project is done, and I'm avoiding my other homework, I wanted to color this piece in photoshop. This is the WIP, I always like seeing other people's process work, so hopefully the next post will be the finished piece. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wall

It's funny how when you've been working on a project for so long, and can't wait to finish it, that when you're finally at the finish line and have let's say one or two minor things to work on, you kind of lose your steam. Maybe it's just me? Well I'm nearly done, and after adding more credits and a voice over track with the music, I think I'll be just fine. Then I can start working on more fun things, like random little monster sculptures, or good ol' character designing. God, I miss drawing different characters now, I must have drawn thousands of dogs and little kids this semester because of this project. 
In other news, I've made a poster that I'm much happier with! Feast your eyes on this little graphic niblet. We'll see what my teacher has to say, but I like it a lot better than my other poster design. 
More to come soon. Perhaps a... gasp... Demo Reel?! Stay tuned

Sunday, April 11, 2010

On feeling like a pro

I'm pleased to say that my business cards came earlier than expected, and I'm so happy with how they came out. I find that when I talk to my other friends about business cards, that my mind kind of wanders to thinking about "American Psycho", and eggshell white, and then I feel silly. 
But they're here, and I'm starting to feel professional. Though, that pro feeling is slightly diminished when I think about degree project and how I need to hunker down and finish it off. 

In a way, my cards have inspired in me a new kind of project I wanted to do. I decided "Hey, what's better than a monster on a business card? Why, a monster holding business cards that have monsters on them!" Brilliant. And so, I sculpted the little fella that you see on my cards to hold them. I hope this will dazzle my teachers and people in general, as I thought it to be quite clever. But really, it was mostly an excuse to avoid working on important things like finishing my degree project and writing the script. Which might I just say here, that I would much rather animate and paint frames for a month, than write a script.

Anywho, as my professional fate rests in the hands of a monster, literally, I will be working away on artsy things to come.